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November 25, 2008


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Should I be worried if what to wear, where to eat, and who to meet sometimes require a second thought? Great post! thanks

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I like the way you put caveats at the end of each decision making technique. I use two methods of making tough decisions. One I'll use the Benjamin Franklin decision making process. I make a list of pros and cons and visually see the pros vs the cons and then if the pros then I make the decision of which one outwieghs the other then I know what decision to make. The other one I use is your last one. Instinct.

Guy Rosen

PchopXprs over on the discussion on Digg brought up an interesting twist for technique #4, based on flipping a coin:

"We used to do this all the time in college. It's not about leaving it up to chance. When you flip the coin you'll either be happy or unhappy with the result. So if you are unhappy then you just go with what you really wanted to. If you're happy then you knew what you wanted all a long anyway. So you're not letting the coin decide you're just using it as a way to force your hand and figure out what you really want based on your reaction."

Thanks PchopXprs!

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"You've taken your time. You have analyzed. Consulted with everyone possible. Looked at the decision from every possible angle. Now, it is time to decide. Even if it flies in the face of your best analysis and contradicts everyone's advice - listen to your inner voice."
Thanks PchopXprs!

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