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December 08, 2008


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John Rockefeller

That's awesome. I always love these things, where it's like "before they were stars".

Good stuff!



Ibod Catooga

Haha Larry Page lit your ass up with some napalm!

Feel the burn my niggas.


Only that Google used Python for its robots.


This shows how the leaps of men are sometimes made off others shoulders.

Michael Martin

Haha - That's brilliant! Great find! :D


All Google crawlers are python based. Especially the crawlers.


I questioning the legitimacy of the post since both the question and response are dated exactly 3am.

Guy Rosen

@BW - interesting find. Poking around a bit I can see that most if not all all old Usenet posts from that period have a date header and not a time (as can be seen in the raw message). Apparently the standards of 1996 did not demand a time field.

So, Google Groups simply set 0:00 (PST) as the time when importing the old Usenet archives. You see 3am because you're on EST.


I guess Larry Page switched to Python after getting frustrated with Java.

Woody Smith

An easy method of setting the User-Agent field should probably be added to Java, so people can properly identify their programs. I am also interested on the web robot that Larry Bode had set-up. Hope he was able to complete it and make it available for critic. Nice work.

Keyword Tool

I think the thing has been resolved already. Its been quite a year now. I wonder if Larry Page has still confusion on the Java thing now.

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