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March 02, 2009


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Daily Contempt

Cool, I'll give it a try.


Is it only for PCs? Or Mac also? I'm excited at the prospect & downloaded but doesn't seem Mac friendly. Or is it just me?

Guy Rosen

Lee - currently it's Windows only, I'm afraid!


Downloaded 2.0, but it says "Could not find TweetDeck installation"

Guy Rosen

@Anton - where do you have TweetDeck installed? Currently it assumes C:\Program Files\TweetDeck. Do you have it elsewhere?


Yes, I have it on L:\Program Files\Tweetdeck C has too little space for more proggies.

Miss Britt

Am I missing something here? To switch back and forth between profiles you have to log out of tweet deck and open multitweetdeck each time??

Guy Rosen

@Miss Britt - you're not missing anything, indeed there are no simultaneous sessions supported.

Kain Tietzel

I would love you forever if you made a Mac version.


My install is at c:\Program Files (x86)\TweetDeck - alas, I cannot use this very handy-looking application.

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