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September 14, 2009


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You forgot the dots above the swedish letters... The correct spelling is: "Hör av dig", "Hej då!"

stephanie wedgwood

Pronunciations would help. Welsh, for example, is simply unreadable otherwise.


German: Its Danke Schon (with umlaut over o)


The Danish isn't exactly correct:

Hello (English):
"Hej" ("Hey" can be used too)
"Goddag" (Good day) is more formal.

Keep in touch (English):
- It is rarely used in Denmark.
"Hor av dig" isn't Danish (Probably Swedish)

Thank you (English):
"Mange tak" ("Thank you very much")

So long (English):
"Farvel" (Goodbye)
"Vi ses" (See you) ("Vi" is nearly pronounced as "We" in English)

"Vi snakkes" can be used too but "Hygge" is very rarely used.

in turkish you don't have to type in uppercase. and "görüşürüz" will be a better translation for "keep in touch".


Finnish ones are off a bit.. When speaking, you should say it exactly the way it's written - letter by letter. No special pronounciations like in english. Of course Ä's and Ö's have their own flair.. But then to those terms;

Terve is more formal term when meeting person to person 'Moi' or 'Hei' is more informal and widely used. Terve is not incorrect though.

Keep in touch should be 'Pidetään yhteyttä', this current version translates to making a phone call.

Thank You has a typo, should be 'Kiitos'

So long - Terve is ok, 'Nähdään' (be seeing you) even better. 'Moikka' (variation of Moi) works as well. That 'Eller' word in there is swedish and means 'or' so you can safely leave that away.

Nice page though! It's always good to know couple of frases when keeping touch with a foreigner. Very polite and highly appreciated in all cultures.

Ashdala Bootch

In Romanian put "Pe curand!" instead of "Atit de mult!"


In polish it's not "Narazie" but "Na razie" - two separate words.

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wow, That's great, i just knew the swedish and it's perfect and thanks about the other languages.


half of that is wrong, wtf?


in spanish: "Seguimos en contacto" or "mantenemos el contacto"


All of it is unfucking readable!


Don't be so rude with your childish insults...its simply people trying to be polite to others cultures and should be appreciated by all......some are you are small minded rude people!!!!!

tinggi badan

When communicating with people from around the world, I've always thought it's a nice touch to mix in a greeting or two in the other party's native tongue.

Sam Pierce

wow, That's great, i just knew the swedish and it's perfect and thanks about the other languages.

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Bob - Hughesnet Broadband

Thanks for sharing email greetings in multiple languages keep sharing this type of post.

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In polish it's not "Narazie" but "Na razie" - two separate words.


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Hello (English):
"Hallo" ("Salut" can be used too)
"Bonjour" is more formal.

Keep in touch (English):

"Mir bleiwen am Kontakt"

Thank you (English):
"Villmols Merci" ("Thank you very much")

So long (English):
"Bis dann" (Goodbye)
"Mir Gesinn eis" (See you)


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